Marketing Eye is industry-leading in its adoption of new technologies for marketing. We embrace marketing technologies and develop them when we see obvious gaps in the marketing mix. This ensures that we work harder, faster and smarter. As a licensee you will be exposed to the technologies we use and the technologies we create.



We use itpronline to write press releases, newsletters, case studies, white papers and blogs. Our press releases are written by journalists for journalists, and newsletters are now produced faster and more efficiently than ever before. But it’s blogging that really does the trick, with an ability to share your ideas with writers to develop more blogs, more often, for the world to see.

A disruptive technology taking professional candidates to companies with the right experience, credentials and psych profiling to fit into Fortune 1000 companies with intuitive multi-level psych profiling across all applicant and company profiles.

Eskrape is more intuitive, accurate and sustainable than any other model in the marketing today- at the lowest investment.

Marketing Eye understands the value of an inside sales model. One of the biggest issues companies face is not having a large enough database to achieve company goals. With eskrape, we will populate your CRM with leads, connecting you with customers and nurturing the relationship from introduction through to end sale.